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When Are You Marketing Yourself?

When Are You Marketing Yourself?
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This week something hit home to me about marketing.

Something you hear all the time from marketers and mentors alike.

And what happened was absolutely nothing to do with Marketing or my marketing exploits. So here it is;

As you may or may not know, I am a part time marketer (evening and weekends and any time I can find in between!) and love it. I have a day job, a professional job in fact (read more here), that occupies my 9-5. I work in a country where you need written permission from your current employer to change jobs. You are “sponsored” to be in the country working, by your employer. This is an old law which is currently being changed and phased out, but is still there and will take some time to change.

Your employer pays for your relocation costs and accommodation and family sponsorships etc. as well so that is how it is justified. If people are allowed to leave after a few months then another employer gets the benefit of the employee without these overheads.

You can get approval to transfer is possible, but in order to do that you need “special permission” ultimately from the Managing Director of the organisation. This is an organisation with approximately 25,000 employees. So you can imagine the chances of having your case heard? and a lot of people apply for permission, many 100’s in fact!

For the past year I have been approached for a number of positions with other companies, more senior positions and for a lot more money but have been unable to take them because of this law. I began to get very frustrated, as did a lot of my colleagues who were in similar situations. As I worked for the government, there was no chance for promotion or pay rises at that time, as everyone was within a pay “band” which was set centrally.

We used to huddle together to moan about it and I found myself becoming more and more frustrated about the situation. I was becoming very negative and it was starting to take its toll on me mentally and physically. I wasn’t exercising a much or watching my diet (in all reality suffering depression) and having just turned 40, was beginning to get some of the hereditary symptoms of high blood pressure that done it in for my mother at the relatively young age of 59.

This time coincided with my initiation into Marketing. I went straight from not having a clue/complete newbie to a high ticket coaching program with a well know Marketer. I am glad I did this and didn’t go through years of chasing shiny objects through $7 WSO’s like others. In reality though, I was too “new” for his program but at least it gave me a firm grounding in the sound basics of Marketing.

So back to my situation? As I was taught in the Marketing coaching program I decided to get my story in front of the decision makers in the organisation. Explain my personal circumstances and pitch for the approval to transfer sponsorship, change job and improve my personal circumstances.

So I e-mailed the secretary of the boss man and asked for a meeting. I was a bit intentionally “vague” with the agenda and just put “personal” as the main purpose. I didn’t expect to get a response but maybe it was a combination of my brashness and intrigue that my request was accepted.

So I took the risk, a real risk of being sacked existed with this type of move btw.

I told my story, explained my families circumstances and explained that I had loved working there. But in order to improve my families financial situation and for the benefit of my career progression I would like to be considered for permission to “transfer” to another job.

Although my request was initially met with a hostile response, as I continued to explain the finer detail of my story, the reaction became more sympathetic. I showed no anger or frustration during this discussion although deep down that’s what I was feeling!

A few weeks later when I e-mailed his secretary for some feedback, I got the response I was hoping for. It felt great, and like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I am now looking forward to accepting a new position which will greatly improve our family life and help advance my career. As for my old colleagues, they still huddle around everyday to moan about their circumstance and no doubt to moan about me now too, now that I am no longer in their situation.

So what’s the moral of the story?

  1. YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN personal situation, no-one else. And no-one but YOU can change it!
  2. Get your STORY heard, either in your 9-5 or in your marketing. If people, including employers don’t KNOW WHO YOU ARE, or WHAT YOU ARE ALL ABOUT, you will struggle to progress as you want.
  3. Resist negativity. Even though you are feeling frustrated, have a positive outlook and impression on others and things will quickly improve.
  4. Engage with people and human beings, not with “lists” or “leads” or “employees” or “bosses”. Check out this useful Article – Are You Marketing to All 3 Parts of Your Users’ Brains?
  5. You are ALWAYS MARKETING yourself and Developing your brand! In work you are branding yourself for the next level of seniority. Constantly pitching yourself for the position. In Marketing you should focus on telling your story and building trust. Giving value in order to receive the benefits further down the line.


Do you recognize any of this in your current situation?

I hope you are all having an awesome Thursday!