Top 5 Well Kept Secrets of Successful Bloggers You Don’t Know Yet

Top 5 Well Kept Secrets of Successful Bloggers You Don’t Know Yet
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Top 5 Well Kept Secrets of Successful Bloggers You Don’t Know Yet

Your dream is to be a successful blogger, I guess. There is no harm in dreaming big. In order for you to actualize your dream, you must get acquainted with the fact that there are a lot of things we are not being told as newbies in the blogosphere.

The hiding of some vital information from us is not by an accident; it is a deliberate ploy by the “Big guys” to keep us perpetually at their mercy. You must understand that there are some well kept secrets of successful bloggers you don’t know yet.


But you don’t need to worry even if you don’t have these secrets at your beck and call. The reason for this post is to expose those things the gurus have kept as their top secrets that have made them to dominate the market all these while.

The reasons we have always run to them for help whenever we are helpless is because we have no clue what we need to liberate us from our mental slavery. Well, today, I am going to break the ice and let the cat out of the bag.

Top 5 Well Kept Secrets of Successful Bloggers You Don’t Know Yet

1. Successful Bloggers Outsource

Have you ever been told that the harder you work the more success you will make? Well, that’s one thing the successful bloggers will keep hammering to your tympanum but they fail to let you know they are outsourcing some important aspects of their work.


If you keep working alone, churning out 100+ articles per month, you will certainly break down sooner or later. Besides, you are more likely to get frustrated and abandon blogging if after sapping yourself the results you expected are not forth-coming.

So, how do the successful bloggers take care of this? They simply outsource some parts of their jobs at a relatively cheap price.

They get competent hands to help compile and run their email messages, provide quality graphics for their post images, create quality contents to update their blogs, create high resolution campaign videos to aid in their brand awareness, get virtual assistants to manage their social media accounts, etc. They get all these from microjob sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Seoclerk, elance, upwork, jobsonline, People Per Hour, etc.

2. They Don’t Depend on Google

These guys are simply smart! They have nothing to do with Google; they don’t allow mighty Google to run their lives for them. They create their contents the way they want and they avoid SEO like the leper, because they know that they may never get the amount of traffic they need by solely depending on SEO.


They run their sites on autopilot, they pay for traffic in the cheapest way possible, and they also experiment with new software to see whatever works best. They are not afraid to spend money in order to get what they want.

3. They Choose Their Niche With Care

The first step toward being a successful blogger is in choosing the niche you wish to ply your trade in. Successful bloggers take the time to research before deciding on the niche to belong in. They are careful about the niche that provides quality search traffic and great income potential. They stay long in their niche, master it before they diversify.


4. They Build an e-mail List

One thing successful bloggers understand is that the “money is in the list”. So, they start to build a mailing list as early as possible. Or have you not noticed that some bloggers make more money from affiliate marketing via their list than what they earn from their blogs?


5. They Interact

There is no way you will grow in a vacuum. If you must be like the successful bloggers, you have to interact with other bloggers in your niche. Find out what they are doing well and how they are doing it to get the right results. By the time you gather the right information from different sources and add them together, you become an authority.



Those are the top 5 well kept secrets of successful bloggers you don’t know. Now that you have these secrets revealed to you, how are you going to make use of them? Remember that information without action leads you nowhere. Therefore, if you must succeed, you need to start immediately to implement what we have revealed to you in this post. They will set you apart from your contemporaries.

Guestpost by Theodore Nwangene