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Just Do Something – &- The Power of Patience

Just Do Something – &- The Power of Patience
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Do What Again?

This Internet Marketing gig can drive you mad sometimes, especially if you let it into your head! last week I launched only the second real product I’ve created. My first launch around 15 months ago was a bit of a disaster. There was nothing wrong with the product as such, it was more my approach to everything else and a sheer lack of experience.

Read all about it here. 😩

With this launch however, I have to say I am quite chuffed with the results so far. And though they’re nothing compared to some other launch gurus out there but the main thing for me is, I’m moving forward and a bit quicker than before,

so all’s good! 😁

What was it? Well it was a very simple product to create. The method was suggested by a 6 figure mentor in a marketing group I joined recently. It’s hands down the best group I’ve seen by the way. For help and support it’s awesome. When I saw the method posted I thought, “I’ll give that a go”!

I had been looking for something valuable to launch for a while but didn’t feel I had anything to offer that people would want to learn or I would be capable of teaching. Yes, I was procrastinating.

So this was perfect!

Check out the product here.

I made a public post in the group stating my intentions and my launch date and just got on with it. There were some twists and turns in the road, some self doubt here and there for sure, but eventually the day came and the launch happened. It was a simple WSO (Warrior Plus Special Offer) and wasn’t too difficult to set up. the whole thing probably took about 16 hours in total.

So now, after 1 week, I have made 34 sales and created about $400 in revenue and grown my buyers list some more too. Sales still come in one here and there every day which is cool. It’s a great feeling to finally be seeing money come into your account rather than out all the time!

But hopefully it won’t stop there. My next step will be to repackage slightly and launch on ZV Zoo and then hopefully Clickbank. The plan is to get the traffic and sales up by at least x3 what it is now and then I will have a site with good traffic stats and a good product sales to sell on a platform like Flippa.

If the site sells for $500-$1,000 after all the launches I will be a very happy man.

The next step will be to create a product explaining how i did this and sell it too on all platforms and make more profit. It will hopefully be a $1-2k per month case study.

Keep watching the updates on how I’m progressing!

Learn – Apply – Teach

A final note from a blog post I saw again recently from a very respected 6 figure marketer I like to follow. It reminded me of the last few weeks events for me and keeps me motivated to keep going;


The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree


When a bamboo farmer first plants his seeds, he then nurtures them every day with water, fertile soil and sunshine.

Year 1 – Nothing happens, he continues regardless.

Years 2, 3 & 4 – Still nothing happens, not even the smallest sign, his patience is tested, for a moment contemplates quitting…

but then in Year 5, something amazing happens…

The Bamboo tree shoots up to 80 feet tall in just a few weeks!

Well, the truth is the tree didn’t actually grow to 80 feet tall in just a few weeks. It was growing underground all that time developing a root system strong enough to support that massive growth.

The same applies to people. The get rich quick-ers (the lottery winners and lucky marketers) rarely have the “root” system in place to support their instant success and ultimately they loose it again and disappear quickly. Burn -n – Churn!

So don’t beat up on yourself because you haven’t made a penny online yet and you’ve been at it for years, or your last launch failed miserably. Just get back in there and learn from your mistakes.

They are mistakes you’re not likely to make again so your chance of success just got bigger!

1. Consume

(only with the view on producing something from it later. Know what you want to create and find whats out there in the market that’s in demand. Model after it, improve it and your set!)


2. Learn

Core skills like – Page Building, Copywriting, Autoresponders, W+ Offer set up, etc.


3. Produce

get Buy Buttons Out there!


That’s all there is to it really.

Lets hope we’re all happy soon! 🏆