Rags to Riches – Suits to Niches

It’s not gone well so far… 🙁 My Story (a bit of it anyway)… And there is a FREEBIE too..

Hi, my name is Shaun and I am an alcoholic.

Sorry! Wrong blog post…

Ahem… for most of you who are connected with me in any way on social media, you may know me only for the occasional “like” or comment on one of your posts or for posting something daft on my own wall.

Well I actually started in this game around 18 months ago. Part time only. I bought some fairly expensive coaching and launched my first product in January 2016.

It was 2 interviews.

I was told by my coach it’s a great way to get authority in your niche when you don’t have any and I still agree it is. One interview was with a very famous marketer and the other with a very up and coming one.

I’ll be honest, I was sh#t scared doing the first one, mainly because I hadn’t got a clue what I was on about and knew if he threw back any sort of complicated questions I would probably have a proper meltdown and hang up.

It was a bit rigid and formal, with no jokes or banter!

Anyway I got through it, launched and it didn’t go well… at all.

I think I got one sale from a bloke who bought through his own link and a ton of bot traffic sent which killed my EPC’s stone dead and no-one else wanted to promote.


6 months in and IM career over!

Back to the day job!

But like a big “eejit” I’m still plugging away. I have bought a lot of products (as we all do) but most haven’t helped me achieve great results.

Is it because I’m not taking action? Very likely not enough, I admit.

Is it that I’m daft? I don’t think so. I have achieved a lot academically and professionally over the past 25 years but nothing related to Marketing in any way.

So why bother with this IM thing then if I’m in a good job already?

I need something more flexible to compliment the day job. Multiple streams of income perhaps. Diversify. I would love to do both IM and the day job on my own terms. Choose when and more importantly where I do both.

That’s it!

No rags to riches story just a “suits to niches” one!

So the simple aim is, get more freedom, retire earlier, travel more, more time with the family and friends. That’s it really. Hopefully that will resonate with some of you too?

So what’s the plan then? What am I going to try now?

And here’s the big problem I and I’m sure most people have when starting in Internet Marketing;

=> To make sales you need good traffic and a high converting offer

=> Forget the second one for the moment, to get traffic you need money or an audience

=> Most people have neither starting out

=> How do I build an audience? Get authority and give value

=> How do I do that – Get results and share for FREE

=> I can’t get results because I don’t know what the heck I am doing????


So inspired by my good friend Phillip Lopez, I’m going share with you my journey so far and the things I have learned, which are quite significant if I stop beating up on myself for a few minutes.

So I’m going to start a blog and need some help choosing the platform please.

I recently bought 2no. domains and need help choosing the one to document this journey

Option 1 – Be professional and use www.ShaunArcher.com and focus on branding my name


Option 2 – Go with the one I bought when slightly tipsy chatting to Phillip Lopez and Jeremy Kennedy one night on messenger, www.RankMyNicheUp.com

If anyone cares to vote, please do so in the comments and I’ll run with the one with the most votes. Then I can’t be held responsible what happens from there!

Oh and by the way, if anyone wants access to my 2no. interview products, just PM me and I’ll hook you up for FREE 🙂

There is still a ton of good stuff in them even though I sound a bit nervous.

That’s all for now!